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Adoption - Xalbador Gliese 581C

Hey guys, I'm Xalbador Gliese 581C, an avid editor on the wiki, been here for quite some time now and am very equipped about the current and past scenario of the wiki including the fact that the wiki is deprived of an active admin for half a decade now, I'm pretty much resourceful as I set up the Count Dracula 1970's nexus on the encyclopedia, furnishing and adding quality information about the series, along with the aforementioned attributes, I would like to inform you guys that I'm an experienced bureaucrat/sysop on about 7 wikis excluding a long run administrative position on the 8th one, I've adopted copious amount of wikis, reviving them back from a deserted state of inactivity and Dracula wiki is no difference as I continuously strive to assist it in all the aspects that can be accomplished or assisted by me. I am going for the adoption on the 2nd of October and will absolutely appreciate the community's say, thanks and may God preserve you.

--Ghost pixel 1 by zombiepattyfag-d9c9wvwAli Rocky: VC Myth Hunter 21:01, September 29, 2016 (UTC)

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