Season 1, Episode 5
The Devil's Waltz
Air date November 29, 2013.
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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From Darkness to Light
Of Monsters and Men
"The Devil's Waltz" is the fifth episode of the first season of Dracula (2013). It aired on November 29, 2013.


Mina Murray and Jonathan Harker's engagement ceremony takes place. Something pushes Mina to have second thoughts. Van Helsing continues his studies to make Alexander walk in daylight. Jane Wetherby is becoming suspicious about Mr. Grayson.


Mina dreams of Grayson in her bedroom telling her that Harker was not the right man for her. As they start to get intimate, Lucy walks into her room and Mina awakens abruptly from her dream. Van Helsing was able to make an initially successful attempt of the solar serum which was tried on a woman vampire after he and Grayson shocked her heart back to beating again - although she burst into flames after a few minutes' exposure to sunlight. Grayson reminisces about first meeting Renfield in America, while worriedly awaiting word from Harker who makes inquiry about Renfield's disappearance. Using the 'scent' of Renfield's pocket book which Harker found outside the building where Renfield was seen beaten and abducted into a carriage, Grayson was able to find and rescue him once night falls. Grayson quickly and mercilessly exacts revenge against Renfield's torturers. During Mina and Harker's engagement party, Grayson was introduced to some of the elite gents of the Order of the Dragon and after shaking hands with them, he sniffs his hand in order to discover the man responsible for Renfield's kidnapping. Mina introduces Grayson to her mentor, Dr. Van Helsing, and the two men act as though they never met. Lucy observes Lady Jane searching for someone and correctly concludes she's looking for Grayson and that they are lovers. Later on, Lady Jayne catches Lucy looking at Mina lovingly and deduces she is in love with her. As a thank you to Grayson for the engagement party, Harker gifts him the first dance with Mina. Both Grayson and Mina are visibly shaken by this. While dancing, Mina and Grayson inadvertently have a long 'moment' as they seem to only have eyes for each other -- Lady Jayne, Harker and Lucy each then become aware that there is an intense attraction between them and Harker promptly interrupts their dance. Browning discusses with Lady Jayne the possibility of Grayson being the old one they are seeking as his entrance into London society coincides with Dracula's appearance. Lady Jayne dismisses this and Browning informs her that she is not the first woman to be blinded by lust but she will be the first vampire hunter to do so. Grayson gently tends to Renfield's head wounds and we continue to learn how the two became fiercely loyal to one another.

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