Season 1, Episode 7
Servant to Two Masters
Air date January 3, 2014
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Episode Guide
Of Monsters and Men
Come To Die
"Servant to Two Masters" is the seventh episode of the first season of Dracula (2013). It aired on January 3th, 2013.


Intoxicated by his newfound invulnerability to the daylight, Grayson dares to deny his curse and regain his humanity. Renfield is dispatched to Budapest to acquire a mysterious and long sought after relic on his employer's behalf. Harker discovers Grayson manipulated him into slandering General Shaw and strategizes on how to seek his revenge, eventually aiding The Order of The Dragon in compromising Grayson's demonstration of his technology.


Grayson is so intoxicated by his invulnerability to sunlight that he doesn't indulge in blood. He foolishly deludes himself into thinking that avoiding his cravings for blood plus the serum is beginning to make him human again. He slowly grows sick which others notice. Renfield is sent to Budapest for a painting of Ilona which is stolen by the Order of the Dragon. Lord Davenport, having stolen and viewed the painting, then learns Mina Murray is the object of Grayson's desire. Lady Jayne continues her manipulation of Lucy and thereby the indirect assault on Mina, Grayson's true object of affection. She teaches Lucy the art of seduction and suggests she try to entice Harker so as to set Mina free for a relationship with Lucy. Harker realizes he was manipulated by Grayson and is introduced to the Order of the Dragon. The Order employs a policeman to poison the milk offered by Grayson Energies as Grayson is ready to present his technology to the public. This causes the people who drink it to become very ill. The same policeman then proceeds to force Grayson's business to be shut down by associating the "mysterious" illness with the demonstration's machinery. In retaliation, Grayson then proceeds to drain the policeman when everyone is gone. Meanwhile, Mina throws a dance at the hospital that Harker missed but she danced with Grayson which is noticed by her father. Angered that Van Helsing's serum has not "cured" him of the Order's curse upon him (something Van Helsing never promised), Grayson threatens to kill him.

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