R.M. Renfield
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  • Male
  • Human
  • Deceased
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R.M. Renfield is an eminent character in Count Dracula (1970), played by Klaus Kinski. Renfield's character is unorthodox and mainly dwells within a dimension of mystery and answers that are ought to be sought, eventually leading the rest to the answers at a prominent point in the story turning out to be efficacious from a vile state of limbo.


Years ago R.M. Renfield's daughter got killed by a mysterious man, named Count Dracula which lead Renfield to lose his sanity. He was later brought under the care of Van Helsing in his clinic, where Renfield was admitted in a room and at times was tied to ropes due to his vile and unpredictably wild nature that may harm himself. Dr. Seward also assisted Van Helsing in uncovering the entire revelation behind his daughter's death although Van Helsing was adamant that the culprit is none other than the Count himself. Count's abode, Carfax, was situated right in front of Renfield's chamber and the Count would often psychically control Renfield, forcing him to do bizarre acts.

Revelation and DeathEdit

Post Jonathan Harker's incident, the rest of the group including Dr. Seward and Mina would stress Renfield to reveal the truth behind the tragedy that occurred with his daughter, he once assaulted Mina but was pushed back, during these attempts Dracula once forced Renfield to jump out of his window, fatally injuring him. Later on, Renfield regained his conscious but was unable to speak the truth but struggled enough to whisper the words Varna to Dr. Seward that later assisted the rest in culminating Dracula, however, agitated with the revelation, Dracula physically murdered Renfield in his chamber, bringing upon him his untimely demise.

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