Quincey Morris
Biographical information
  • Male
  • Human
  • Alive

Lucy Westenra (late fiance)

Portrayed By

Quincey Morris was the tertiary protagonist in Count Dracula (1970), he was portrayed by Jack Taylor. Quincey's described as a steadfast person who stands in the face of adversity despite the loss of his loved ones and largely assists in culminating the evil that may threaten others that may be loved by someone or simply innocent beings victimized by sadistic entities.

History Edit

Quincey Morris is an American barrister, engaged to Lucy Westenra. Quincey rushes to Van Helsing's clinic after hearing about Count Dracula's assault on Lucy that caused blood deficiency in Lucy, Van Helsing suggests that Lucy could be saved with the aid of blood transfusion while Quincey donates some of his blood too. Quincey also spends one of his nights in the clinic with an ailing Lucy but as soon as Quincey falls asleep, Dracula summons Lucy and with her help accesses the room to bite her with everything seeming ordinary to Quincey in the morning, with the events that took place in the dark unknown to his conscious. Later on, Lucy's killed at the hands of the Count while Quincey mourns his fiance, later on when Van Helsing informs Quincey about Lucy's vampire transformation, Quincey acts in denial at first but later witnesses Lucy's corpse himself and assists Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker in putting an end to Lucy's vampire life form. Quincey later accompanies Jonathan Harker and Dr. Seward to Carfax where the trio attempts to assault Dracula but fails to do so. Quincey and Jonathan then head to Castle Dracula and cause chaos among the gypsy servants who abandons Dracula's coffin, shortly after Quincey and Jonathan set ablaze the coffin, bringing an end to Dracula's deadly reign.


Count Dracula (1970)

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