Petru Tsepesh IV (1791 - 1845) was the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Count Dracula, and one of the servants of Dracula under the Covenant with the Vampire. He was the son of Alexandru and Elena Tsepesh. He was the brother of Ion, Maria, Elena, Radu, and Alexandru Tsepesh. He was the father of Stefan, Zsuzsanna, and Arkady Tsepesh by Vera Vicca.

When his eldest son Stefan was ready to be initiated as the next servant of Dracula, Petru refused and, as punishment, Dracula turned into wolf form and killed six-year-old Stefan. Petru killed the family dog, Wolf, telling his remaining son, Arkady, that it was Wolf who killed Stefan. Arkady was then marked to be the next servant of Dracula.

In 1845, at age 54, Petru was killed by Dracula so he could get Arkady as a younger servant.

Petru's body was removed of its head by citizens who feared it would rise as a vampire.