Order of the Dragon
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The Order of the Dragon, or the Ordo Draco, is an order that stands for corruption, murder, and to control people against their free will. They maintain their power through control of important natural reserves such as oil, and continue to expand their influence.


They are responsible for Vlad Tepes' transformation into Dracula and the deaths of Van Helsing's family and Dracula's wife, as punishment for their adversaries' actions against the Order.

In the present, Van Helsing somehow discovered the location where Dracula had been imprisoned by the Order. For unspecified reasons, the Order chose to trap him in an iron coffin in a near-death state rather than actually killing him. Van Helsing released him to offer Dracula an alliance; he had gathered sufficient resources to oppose the Order, but knew that he lacked the power or charisma to use those resources properly, regarding Dracula as the perfect partner to put those tools into action.

Accepting the offer, Dracula spent the next decade reinventing himself as American millionaire Alexander Grayson before arriving in London, introducing a means of wireless electrical transmission that would render the Order's control of oil reserves useless. He was preparing a gradual campaign to undermine the Order's power, with Jonathan Harker helping him to collect blackmail material against key Order members to convince them to sell their company shares to him, or simply killing particularly stubborn members so that their less-rigid heirs will cooperate with him.

At the end of the series, after Browning was indirectly killed by Abraham Van Helsing, Van Helsing is no longer trying to get revenge on the Order, for what they did to his family; it has been hinted that with the death of Browning, the Order has fallen into chaos, and it will eventually be disbanded.

Known MembersEdit

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