Mina Murray
Biographical information
  • Female
  • Human
  • Alive

Jonathan Harker (fiance)

Portrayed By

Mina Murray is the female protagonist of Count Dracula (1970), she is played by Maria Rohm. Mina Murray is portrayed as an undaunted woman that engages in a battle of fear and death for her love and remained stout-hearted till the culmination of the adversary. Mina Murray is mainly influenced from the original character from Stoker's story.

History Edit

Mina Murray got engaged to lawyer Jonathan Harker and later accompanied him during his recovery from a trauma in Van Helsing's institute along with her friend, Lucy. During her time in the clinic, Mina assisted Van Helsing in bringing Renfield from sanity and thoroughly assisted the others during detailed conversations regarding Dracula's dark past. Post Lucy's growing attraction for Count Dracula, Mina spent her time looking after an ailing Lucy but was somehow distracted, leading the Dracula to bite Lucy for the final time, this was witnessed by Mina, however, she was unable to save her as Lucy's soul had departed the world. Later on at the opera, Dracula confronts Mina and bites her. As Jonathan neither Quincey remember they sent a ticket, they hurry to the opera where they find Mina victimized by Dracula. Mina was then looked after by Van Helsing while the other duo departed for Castle Dracula, Van Helsing also shielded Mina during his short-lived confrontation with Dracula. Although Mina isn't seen again, it's assumed that she recovered from the wounds inflicted by Dracula.

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