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Lucy Westenra 2
Lucy Westenra
Biographical information
  • Female
  • Undead
Cause of Death
  • Bitten and fed vampire blood
Killed By
  • Dracula
Love interest
  • Mina Murray (best friend; formerly)
Portrayed By

Lucy Westenra is London's sexy, social butterfly with a penchant for gossip, flirting and all things glamorous. She is the daughter of the late Minerva Westenra, the ex-girlfriend of Alastair Harvey, and the ex-best friend of Mina Murray.


Lucy is closer to none other than her best friend Mina Murray. Lucy is quite beautiful and has captured the eyes of many men, however Lucy always acts disinterested. Lucy introduces Mina to the dregs of low society, taking her to drug dens and so forth. It soon becomes obvious that Lucy is a bisexual and very much in love with her best friend Mina. When she admits her true feelings to Mina, Mina is repulsed. Lady Jayne Wetherby gives lessons of love to the devastated Lucy in order to manipulate her and convinces her to seduce Jonathan. She succeeds and they sleep together. After this, she feels guilty and confesses to Mina. Mina tells Alexander who in anger that Lucy could hurt Mina like that, transforms her into a vampire. She then bites (and possibly turns) her mother, Minerva.

Season OneEdit

In "The Blood Is the Life",

In "A Whiff of Sulfur",

In "Goblin Merchant Men",

In "From Darkness to Light",

In "The Devil's Waltz",

In "Of Monsters and Men",

In "Servant to Two Masters",

In "Come to Die",

In "Four Roses",

In "Let There Be Light",


Lucy is kind, caring, intelligent, compassionate, impulsive, reckless, short tempered, and a flirt, however after receiving some lessons from Jayne, she becomes manipulative, as she seduce Jonathan, her best friend's fiancé to have sex with her, out of anger, because Mina rejected her feelings for her. Shortly after sleeping with Jonathan, Lucy immediately feels guilt and remorse for this action hers, believing it to be the honorable thing to do, she tells Mina what she has done, despite knowing that their friendship could end if she finds out what she has done,


Mina MurrayEdit

Lucy planned Mina's engament party but secretly was in love with her best friend. Mina never knew about Lucy's feelings for her, until Lucy tells Mina. Lucy sleeps with Jonathan, Mina's ex-fiance. After she is filled with guilt, Lucy tells Mina what happend even if it could mean the end of their friendship, which it does.

Jonathan ParkerEdit

Jealous that he is Mina's fiance because of her feeling for Mina. After Mina rejects Lucy she seduces Jonathan into sleeping with her and soon after she feels the guilt.


Dracula turned Lucy into a vampire for sleeping with Jonathan. Dracula did this because he is in love with Mina and will punish anyone who hurts her.


  • In Bram Stoker's novel, Lucy Westenra was never bisexual, since she is only sexually interested in men.
  • In the novel, Lucy was turned into a vampire by Dracula for no apparent reason, however, in the tv series, she is turned into a vampire by Dracula for betraying her ex-best friend Mina Murray, by sleeping with Mina's then-fiancé, Jonathan Harker.
  • Lucy lost her virginity to Jonathan in "Come to Die".


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