Lucy Holmwood
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  • Arthur Holmwwod (brother)
  • Jonathan Harker
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Lucy Holmwwod is a character in Horror of Dracula.


Born the sister of Arthur Holmwood, she later becomes the fiancé of Jonathan Harker. When Jonathan unpacks her picture, Dracula asks to see it and remarks that she's "charming."

Later Dracula drinks her blood, as revenge against Harker, and a replacement for the bride staked by him. Meanwhile, Dr. Van Helsing discovers and stakes Jonathan, and relays the news of his demise to Arthur, and his wife Mina. They keep the news from Lucy, who has grown ill (unknown to them) from Dracula's visit. That evening, Lucy removes the crucifix from around her neck, opens the doors to her terrace, and lays bare her neck, and when Dracula arrives, he again bites her.

Mina seeks out Van Helsing's aid in treating Lucy's declining health, but Lucy begs Greta the maid to remove the prescribed garlic bouquets he gave her. When Greta does this Lucy dies.

Shortly after her burial, Lucy rises as a vampire, and lures Tania with her into the night, and returns her before the day. When Tania recounts this, Van Helsing shows Arthur Jonathan's journal. The next night Lucy again lures Tania to her graveyard, but the child is saved by Arthur, who calls out to the pair. Lucy approaches Arthur, but Van Helsing wards her off with a cross, and forces her to return to her crypt.

Van Helsing takes Tania home, and returns to Arthur at the crypt. He explains Dracula's intentions, and suggests that they use Lucy to track him, but Arthur refuses, as he does not wish to see her further corrupted, or risk Lucy biting more people. So Van Helsing stakes Lucy in her coffin, giving her peace.

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