Season 1, Episode 10
Let There Be Light
Air date January 24, 2014
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Episode Guide
Four Roses
"Let There Be Light" is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Dracula (2013). It aired on January 24th, 2013.


Though initiating his war with the Order of the Dragon, Grayson swears to re-setup the wireless light demonstration so he can bankrupt the oil connected members. Lady Jane organizes the incoming Huntsmen for the eradication of all of the vampires in London. Now a member, unquestioning Harker assists a plan to derail the wireless light demo for a second time, not realizing the danger he's bringing about. Van Helsing prepares to cut all ties to Dracula while he follows his own plan to get his revenge on Browning for killing his family. Mina comes to some new revelations about her life.


A public demonstration of Grayson's technology is sabotaged with it exploding and killing all if not most of the people there. It was sabotaged by Harker and now Grayson knows that he is the enemy and part of the Order of the Dragon; Lucy joining the undead and bites her mother towards the end; Van Helsing destroys the process that enables Grayson to walk in the light and escapes, stabbing Renfield and sends a ransom note for £50000 together with a child's finger to Browning's distraught wife luring Browning with the ransom to his children. There Browning is shot before Van Helsing shows him that his children have become vampires through Dracula's blood. He then allows the children to feed on  Browning and before leaving sets the place on fire. Lady Jayne employs a seer with a relic containing the blood of Christ to locate vampires that leads her, armed with a holy papal dagger, to a final confrontation with Grayson. She stabs Grayson and tells him that she never loved him before he throws her on the ground impaling her and watches her die. Mina discovers the secret of Grayson's love before having sex with him. Van Helsing decides to hunt down Dracula now that he has had his revenge and tells Harker that Grayson is Dracula. The audience is shown that he will be employing Harker to fight and destroy Dracula.

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