-"His subjects called him Prince. I called him Father. But, the world would come to know him as Dracula." - Ingeras narrating Vlad's life at the start of the story.

Biographical information


  • Human
  • Alive
  • Unknown
  • Prince of Transylvania (formerly)
  • King of Transylvania
Portrayed By

Ingeras is the only son and child of Vlad III Tepes and the late Mirena.


Born in an unknown time, Ingeras is the only son of king Vlad III Tepes and his wife, Mirena.

Events of Dracula UntoldEdit

When Mehmed II wanted Ingeras to join the Janissary Corps, Vlad refused and started a war between him and the Turks. Though wanting to join to save the people of Transylvania, Vlad went to the Master Vampire and become one. Ingeras was guarded by his mother and Vlad's subjects during the travel to the monastery. During a battle against the Turks, Ingeras was captured as his mother died from fall, as Vlad missed her just in time.

Being RescuedEdit

Vlad drank Mirena's blood, transforming himself into a full vampire and battled the Turks with his army. Ingeras witness his father kill Mehmed II and save his child by returning the weather back to normal. Being guarded by the Priest, Ingeras dreadfully witness his father burn from the sun alongside his new subjects.

Becoming KingEdit

After his father's "death", Ingeras was crowned king of Transylvania. Its unknown if Ingeras ever saw his father afterward or was turned into a vampire. In addition, its unknown if he lived past his time or is currently living with his father in modern day as seen at the end of the film.


Ingeras is kind, joyful, caring, compassionate, brave and selfless. His father often appointed him to be the best king after his reign was over. His bravery was shown when he agreed to join the Janissary Corps. Although close Ingeras is with his parents, he is closer to his father, a bond between father and son that couldn't be hurt despite Vlad becoming a vampire.


Vlad III TepesEdit

Vlad is Ingeras' father.


Mirena was Ingeras' mother.

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