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Biographical information
  • Female
  • Princess Consort of Wallachia

Princess Ilona was the daughter of Szilágyi, the cousin of Matthias Corvinus, the wife of Vlad III.

Biography Edit

Ilona was the beloved wife of Vlad when he still human. The couple was very happy together; unfortunately, after Vlad betrayed the Order of the Dragon, the Order had Ilona burned as a witch, whilst Vlad was forced to watch. Vlad grief over Ilona's death haunted him for many centuries and is one of the reasons he seeks revenge upon the Order. It is implied that Mina Murray is the reincarnation of Ilona, due to their many similarities in both appearance and personality.


  • The character of Ilona is based on Ilona Szilágyi who was Princess Consort of Wallachia and the second wife of Prince Vlad the Impaler. She was the daughter of Szilágyi who was a cousin to Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary. Vlad had been imprisoned by his former ally, Matthias but gradually won back his favour and married Ilona in 1462. Around 1465, she has two sons: the elder, and the younger.

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