Season 1, Episode 4
From Darkness to Light 2
Air date November 15, 2013.
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Goblin Merchant Men
The Devil's Waltz
"From Darkness to Light" is the fourth episode of the first season of Dracula (2013). It aired on November 15, 2013.


Grayson ruthlessly sets out to compromise Lady Jayne, by winning her heart. Lucy's enthusiastic plans for Mina and Harker's engagement party conceals a broken heart. Grayson's unexpected reunion with a very old friend proves a growing complication to his and Van Helsing's mission of vengeance. Van Helsing achieves a breakthrough in his efforts to enable Grayson to conquer sunlight, only to suffer an unanticipated setback.


Grayson sets out to win Lady Jayne's heart and utmost trust in order to keep her and the Order of the Dragon from suspecting him to be the ancient vampire they're looking for. To this end, he sacrifices an old but loyal acquaintance who, according to the sage advice of Renfield, demonstrates too much brutish, uncontrolled behavior - thus, proving himself to be too much of a "wild card" to include in Grayson's strategically subtle plans for the Order (and possibly himself, with Mina). Harker looks into General Shaw, at Grayson's request, while Lord Davenport seeks out the help of an "expert" to destroy Grayson for indirectly causing the death of his son. Lord Davenport, without the sanction of the Order, aids in the kidnapping (and soon-to-be torture) of Renfield, Grayson's close associate, confidant & up-and-coming right hand man. Meanwhile, Lucy hides her broken heart over Mina by throwing herself into the planning for Mina and Harker's lavish engagement party - hosted entirely by Grayson.

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