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Biographical information

Vlad Tepes


Old One

The Fell One

Nosferatu Primo

Master Vampire

Alexander Grayson




Human (formerly)











Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia (formerly)

Huntsmen of the Order of the Dragon (formerly)



Vlad II (father; deceased)


Ilona (wife, deceased; reincarnated)


Mina Murray

Love interest

Mina Murray


R.M. Renfield

Abraham Van Helsing (ally; formerly)


Order of the Dragon

Portrayed By

Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Prince Vlad III, also known as Dracula, currently known as Alexander Grayson, is the main protagonist on the show Dracula. He is also known for being the first vampire to exist. Under the name Alexander Grayson, he arrives in Victorian London in the year 1890, to introduce technology to the society. In actuality, he is there to seek his revenge on the people who wronged him centuries earlier, members of the organization known as The Order of the Dragon and to destroy the organization itself.


Originally, Vlad Tepes was a prince renowned for his ruthlessness and military strategy. He was also a member of the Order of the Dragon; head Huntsmen of his region and a serving member of the Council. However, in an undiclosed event, he betrayed the order in a way so severe the normal response of the order; execution was seen as less than fitting punishment.

Instead the order employed occult means to transform Vlad into the first vampire so that he might suffer for all eternity. Unfortunately, the Order underestimated Vlad's rage and desire for vengeance, and that being a vampire without a sire made him stronger than the average vampire. Vlad was eventually given the title: Dracula, Old One, The Fell One, Nosferatu Primo, and Master Vampire.

Somehow, the Order managed to imprison Dracula far from the world and all records of the monster were sealed; only the Head Huntsman and Grand Master being able to access them. In the centuries that followed, Dracula became something of a fairy tale among the Order, and to a certain extent, vampires as well. The vampires viewed him as an avenging figure, while the Order believed him a figment created by the vampires to intimidate mortals.

Season OneEdit

In "The Blood Is the Life", The season kicks off with two unknown men climbing down into the tomb of Vlad Tepes in Romania, and after a quick examination of the ornate coffin, one of the two men breaks it open using a hammer and examines the aged and apparently decaying body of Dracula while the other picks up blocks of gold off the floor and begans to examine it. 

The man who breaks open the coffin states how thirsty he must be, referring to the several hundred years that Vlad had been confined and impaled inside of the coffin. While the other man is still entranced by the bars of gold that he found, he moves around the coffin and draws a dagger from his belt, stabbing the man twice and draining his blood onto the coffin and then he hits a button that releases the mechanism which was used to keep Vlad impaled.

In "A Whiff of Sulfur",

In "Goblin Merchant Men",

In "From Darkness to Light",

In "The Devil's Waltz",

In "Of Monsters and Men",

In "Servant to Two Masters",

In "Come to Die",

In "Four Roses",

In "Let There Be Light",


Dracula is shown to be sophisticated, educated and outwardly charming, but he is actually a ruthless and perverse killer who, in the nadir of depravity, makes medical experiments with sentient beings. He is also very intelligent, calculating and pragmatic, confronting his problems head on and always planning steps ahead to achieve his goal of eliminating the Order of the Dragon. He can actively manipulate people's feelings, directly or indirectly, to achieve his goals, especially when it comes to getting his vengeance or getting forever closer with his love interest. However, he avoids the obvious option of simply turning Mina to win her as he believes it would be an abomination to turn her into a vampire, even encouraging her to return to Jonathan Harker as it would make both of them happy, (although he acknowledges that keeping her close to Jonathan, and hence within his circle, is another reason for his actions). He is also ruthless towards his enemies, despite this he has a sense of honor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the very first vampire to exist, Dracula is the oldest and most powerful vampire in the world. Like all vampires, he drinks blood to maintain his strength and vitality. When he is in his human form he looks completely normal. However, when he calls upon his powers or when he is thirsty for blood, his upper and lower canines grow into fangs and his eyes turn blood-red. Like all vampires, Dracula's powers grow stronger with age and consumption of blood. Because he has no sire, Dracula is stronger and more powerful than average vampires.

  • Immortality - As the oldest vampire in the world, Dracula is immune to all forms of illnesses, toxins or poisons. Consuming blood will allow him to maintain his vitality. His undead status makes him exempt from both physical aging and other dangers that would kill a living body, such as toxins and diseases. He maintains the youth and health of an attractive young man despite having surpassed the lifespan of an average healthy human.
  • Super Strength - Being the Original Vampire, Dracula is much stronger than humans and other vampires. He is strong enough to tear off limbs and rip out throats bare-handed. He can snap chains and even lift vehicles.
  • Super Speed - As the oldest vampire, Dracula is much faster than humans and other vampires. He can exceed the sound barrier when running at full speed.
  • Super Senses - Like all vampires, Dracula can hear, see, and smell, better than humans and other vampires.
  • Healing Factor - Like all vampires, Dracula can heals from all non-fatal injuries. Consuming blood speeds up the process.
  • Psychic Countermeasures - Being the first and oldest vampire, Dracula is not only able to tell when he is being perceived from afar by a seer, but is also able to "shut down" their senses to prevent them from following him.
  • Levitation - Like all vampires, Dracula is able to float into the air.
  • Telepathic Connection - Like all vampires, Dracula has a connection with the vampires he has sired, allowing him to hear their cries if he is close enough.
  • Vampire Creation - Like all vampire, Dracula can pass his curse to others.
  • Swordsmanship - Dracula possesses skill with a sword, brought about from his human life.
  • Sunlight Resistance - Thanks to Professor Van Helsing's solar serum, Dracula is able to stand in the sunlight with no ill effects. However, it only lasts for a period of up to four hours.


  • Sunlight - Like all vampires, Prolonged exposure to sunlight will result in Dracula's death. However, due to Professor Van Helsing's solar serum, he is able to stand in the sunlight with no ill effects, for a period of up to four hours.
  • Dessication -  Like all vampires, A lack of blood for a prolonged period of time will cause Dracula to weaken and begin to resemble a corpse.
  • Iron - Like all vampires, Iron can be used to contain, injure, and kill Dracula.
  • Decapitation - Like all vampires, Dracula can only be physically killed by severing his head.
  • Fire - Like all vampires, If Dracula is consumed by fire for a prolonged period of time, then he will die.
  • Holy Water - Like all vampires, If Dracula comes in contact with holy water it will burn him instantly like acid. If poured down his throat, the holy water will kill him.
  • Religious/Holy Objects - Averted. While most vampires can be weakened, repelled or even burned by the touch of consecrated items, Dracula has lived long enough and grown powerful enough to overcome this weakness.


R.M. RenfieldEdit

Dracula's closest friendship is with his loyal servant/confidante R.M. Renfield who know his secrets and helps him acquire blood while assisting in his plan to get revenge on the Order of the Dragon.

Abraham Van HelsingEdit

Dracula has an odd relationship with Abraham Van Helsing, Abraham restores Dracula to life in the first episode. Abraham does this to acquire Dracula's help in order to overthrow the Order of the Dragon, who had previously killed Abraham's wife and children as a punishment. However, towards the end of the series, the two have a falling out and Abraham turns against him.

Jayne WetherbyEdit

Dracula had a sexual relationship with Lady Jayne Wetherby, a high ranking aristocrat, who also was part of the Order of the Dragon, acting as the head vampire hunter. Although they were lovers it is unlikely that Dracula has any real feelings for her, especially since she was a member of the Order of the Dragon. However by the end of the series the two have become aware of each other's true identities and Jayne is killed by Dracula.

Mina MurrayEdit

His heart truly lies with Mina Murray, who he meets and recognises instantly as the reincarnation of his wife, Ilona, who was burnt at the stake in front of him by the Order of the Dragon before he was turned into a vampire. However, despite his passion for Mina, he refuses to turn her into a vampire like himself, claiming it would be an "abomination" for her to become a monster like himself. Mina herself is likewise instantly taken by Dracula vaguely remembering him from her past life, however for most of the first season she is engaged to Jonathan Harker. Dracula is also very protective of Mina as seen in "Four Roses", when he saves her from Davenport's men. in "Let There Be Light", Dracula revealed to Mina that she is the reincarnation of Ilona, his long dead wife, they share their first kiss, and also make love, they lovingly embrace each other. It has been hinted that Mina is only aware who she is to Dracula, she is not aware what he is, she possibly would have find out that Dracula is a vampire in season 2, if the series had continue for a second season.


Ilona was Dracula's wife 428 years prior to his arrival in London when he was known as Vlad III. He cherished her deeply as she did him. Her murder by the Order of the Dragon, is something that has haunted him for years and vows to make them pay for it.




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