Dracula was a film made in 1979. The film starred Frank Langella and Laurence Olivier.


  • Frank Langella as Dracula
  • Laurence Olivier as Abraham Van Helsing
  • Donald Pleasence as Dr. Jack Seward
  • Kate Nelligan as Lucy Seward
  • Trevor Eve as Jonathan Harker
  • Tony Haygarth as Milo Renfield
  • Jane Francis as Mina Van Helsing
  • Janine Duvitski as Annie
  • Teddy Turner as Swales
  • Sylvester McCoy as Walter
  • Kristine Howarth as Mrs. Galloway
  • Joe Belcher as Tom Hindley
  • Ted Carroll as Scarborough Sailor
  • Frank Birch as Harbormaster
  • Gabor Vernon as Captain of Demeter
  • Frank Henson as Demeter Sailor
  • Peter Wallis as Priest

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