Season 1, Episode 8
Come to Die
Air date January 10, 2014
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Servant to Two Masters
Four Roses
"Come To Die" is the eighth episode of the first season of Dracula (2013). It aired on January 10th, 2013.


Grayson and Van Helsing have a falling out following the cancellation of their public demonstration. This leads Van Helsing to quickly seek revenge against Mr. Browning and his family. Harker discovers that Grayson has been playing him for a fool and forbids Mina from seeing him. With this new information, Mina focuses her attention on her schooling only to be attacked by Lord Davenport's men. Once Harker realizes it's Davenport who orchestrated the attack, he responds with murder. Meanwhile, Lady Jane learns that the legendary Dracula is back in London.


Van Helsing has a falling out with Grayson, after Grayson learned he would still crave blood despite taking the serum, and seeks payback against Mr. Browning and his family. Mina tries to avoid Grayson and focus on her schooling, but ends up being attacked by Lord Davenport's men, an act Harker vows to avenge. After the attack, Mina ends up in a hospital. Harker confronts Mina about her feelings towards Grayson. After seeing Mina's portrait that Grayson wanted to attain, Harker becomes mad with jealousy and sleeps with Lucy. Lady Jayne learns that Dracula has returned to London after seeing the three men who attacked Mina impaled on public gates.

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