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Abraham Van Helsing is a principal character and deuteragonist of Count Dracula (1970), portrayed by Herbert Lom. Van Helsing is expounded as a character set for one sole purpose, for which he is indulged into dark arts to make himself familiar with the gloom ridden practices and serves himself as the aider of those who are victimized by it. He is inspired by the original Van Helsing from Stoker's novel.

Background Edit

Professor Van Helsing operates a private clinic near London along with Dr. Seward. At some point in the past, Van Helsing was introduced to a traumatized patient, R.M. Renfield, who was then admitted in the hospital for a long span until his death, under the care of Van Helsing. Van Helsing was of the view that Renfield became mentally disable because of his late daughter, who fell victim to Count Dracula, from the on Van Helsing has dedicated his life studying black arts, seeking a confrontation with Dracula to put an end to his unclean soul.

Coveted Confrontation Edit

Jonathan Harker was then brought to Van Helsing's clinic post being traumatized by Count Dracula and a near escape, Helsing was adamant on the thought that Dracula was indeed behind the assault, moreover, Helsing then briefed Mina and Lucy about his study of the dark arts and Dracula's frightening reign of terror, lasting for centuries. After Lucy's untimely demise, Helsing conveyed to the others about the vampirish transformation that Lucy may gone through, he was later accompanied by Morris and Harker to Lucy's coffin where he stabs Lucy to put an end to her reign as a vampire. Shortly after Helsing suffers a fatal stroke which makes his legs in-usable, describing this as an act of Dracula, despite the suffering, Helsing guides the rest about the path that may lead to Dracula's destruction, urging others to leave for Castle Dracula to culminate Dracula's legacy while Helsing stays at the clinic and looks after Mina who was also bitten by Dracula. Post Harker and company's departure, Helsing is confronted by Dracula in his main office, with Helsing shielding Mina, Van Helsing uses a pin in the fireplace, drawing a cross out of fire on the carpet. Dracula is repelled and is forced to flee into the fog, heading for his castle. Van Helsing is last seen conveying to Mina that time and space may seem short until Dracula's alive.

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